In Whitman's Hand


Here you will find transcriptions and page images of Whitman's poetry and prose manuscripts. Work on the manuscripts is ongoing. You may also view an older, HTML transcription with page images of Whitman's sequence of love poems, "Live Oak, with Moss," by clicking here. Catalogs of Whitman's manuscripts, as held in individual repositories, and the Archive's Integrated Catalog are available in the Resources section.


This section of the Archive offers access to some of Whitman’s fascinating and highly complicated notebooks, some with full transcriptions.

Marginalia and Annotations

This section contains transcriptions and page images of several hundred manuscript reading notes that Whitman wrote, often in the margins of other texts.

Scribal Documents

This section of the Archive offers users transcriptions and page images of approximately 3,000 documents (all of them letters) Whitman produced while working as a clerk in the Attorney General’s office, 1865–1873. An additional 400 documents will be made available as time allows. These documents include letters in the hand of another clerk for which Whitman has provided short marginal annotations, apparently for indexing purposes, as well as summaries of legal cases and office notes in Whitman's hand, such as the "Memorandum of Examination of Nott & Co's Claim—with order," from February 1869. We would like to provide annotations for all of the scribal documents and possibly enrich the encoding of them, though it is not yet clear when we will have the time and resources to reach these goals.

Letters Written for Soldiers

This section of the Archive provides transcriptions and images, when available, of letters that Whitman wrote on behalf of soldiers during the Civil War.


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